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Everyone Agrees it's about to Explode was  a devised, immersive, and site-specific performance about radical politics, factionalism, the allures of power, and the role of the arts in political change.​The performance played out in three acts.

In act one, the audience "broke in" to the venue with the cast, and attended a meeting of The Everyone, an anarchist group recently deprived of their enigmatic leader. In act two, the group dynamics break down and characters begin make their move to remake the group in their own image. Audience members roamed the space freely and could choose which characters to follow. In act three, the broken group attempts to reunite, but ultimately find themselves unable to express, unable to speak, and even unable to perform their roles. The group dissipates, and the audience is left to lead the conversation. ​

The run of this production was cut short by COVID-19.​

Creator & Director: Derek Spencer

Creative Producer: Meredith Treinen

Ensemble: Zachary Carlisle, Woodrow Currie, Dakota Loesch, Madalina Nastase, Scott Monahan, Marissa Patullo, Katie Peabody, Soren Royer-McHugh, Martha Woldu

Associate Director: Talia Shea Levin

Associate Producer: Nic Murphy

Associate Writer: Adam Mazer

Stage Manager: Laney Harrison

Lighting Designer: Josephine Wang

Sound Designers: Noctvrnal

Costume Designer: Laruen West

Production Designer: Britt Keller

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