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A Pop-Philosophy Hollywood Tour

The Stars was a 1-audience adventure down Hollywood Blvd. Each of the 5 scenes was a meta-commentary on what came before: a dialectic exploration of legacy, fame, social media, and consumerism in the shadow of the touristy, hyper-realistic dreamscape that is Hollywood Blvd on a summer night. The Stars was performed as part of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. ​

NOMINATED for the 2018 Golden Key Award. 

Creator/Director: Derek Spencer*
Producer/Associate Director: Meredith Treinen*

Cast: Woodrow Currie*, Kyle DeSpiegler, Terence Leclere, Jordana Lily*, Allegra Masters*

Front of House Manager: Cassandra Rae Cuddy

* denotes company members

The Stars: About Us
The Stars: Photo Gallery
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