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Ceaseless Fun_Rose Theatre_Oct 24 2018_W


An Absurdist Gallery Riff

The Rose Theater Presents... was devised in collaboration with artist Matthew Haywood and art gallery O’

Using Haywood’s paintings as inspiration and fodder, Ceaseless Fun has generated work grounded in memory, meaning, and perception.

According to Haywood, the Rose Theater is “a theater that exists only in the mind” where “work is the reward, the object its ghost, and the image its memory.” Stuck somewhere between the past and a dream, the Rose Theater Players prepare for their first performance. They are intent on creating for you, the audience, something heartbreaking and spectacular and activating. But between the lines they haven’t memorized and the nostalgia they haven’t escaped, the end of the show seems further away now than ever.

Creator/Director: Derek Spencer*

Producer/Associate Director: Meredith Treinen* 

Ensemble: Woodrow Currie*, Dakota Loesch*, Emily Yetter*

Design Associate: Ginny Cheung

Makeup Assistant: Katie DeVoe-Peterson
Bar Manager: Soren Royer-McHugh*
All photos by Annie Lesser

* denotes company members

The Rose Theater Presents...: About Us
Ceaseless Fun_Rose Theatre_Oct 24 2018_W
Ceaseless Fun_Rose Theatre_Oct 24 2018_W
The Rose Theater Presents...: Photo Gallery
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